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This is a common problem and are frequently described as “tired eyes.” Although dark circles may be the result of facial aging, they can affect both men and women of all ages and have a variety of causes.  There are many causes to Dark Undereye Circles, such as heredity, allergies or poor sleep. Novak’s treatment  for Dark Under Eye Circles varies from the ordinary, over-the-counter cream to specialized Laser Treatment.


Causes of Dark Circles

According to medical experts, possible dark circles causes include issues related to facial aging, lifestyle choices, and other causes, which include the following:


Facial aging and dark circles

  • Volume loss or fat descent in the cheeks
  • Under eye volume loss
  • Lower eyelid (canthus) laxity
  • Thinning under eye skin
  • Bulging under eye fat


Novak’s Laser Dark Circles Treatment Overview:


When blood vessels are visible as dark purple or blue under eye circles, color correction laser may be suggested to reduce these dark circles. All of Novak’s Laser Treatments are tailored to each client. Our goal; improving overall skin quality. Please come in for a complimentary consultation, together we will develop a treatment that will work for you.

“I am very pleased with my treatments. The ladies here are very helpful and never felt rushed or pushed to buy at all. I got the laser tightening on my face and the dark circle removal. My dark circles improved a lot and my skin is firmer. Highly recommended!”

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Laser Dark Eye Circle

$199per session

Laser Dark Eye Circle - Package

$6004 sessions
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