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Win the war on cellulite!




Novak’s Cellulite Reduction Laser Treatment comfortably and safely achieves a contoured and toned body. Gain that look and feel you aspire to have in just a few treatment sessions, youthful and fit. VelaShape will disappear the pockets of fat, cottage cheese and unwanted dimples.  Novak’s Cellulite Reduction Laser Treatment is effective and without the downtime of surgery.


Cellulite Reduction Laser Treatment Overview:


VelaShape works by utilizing a combination of Bi-Polar Radio-frequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage. The fat tissues are heated safely to increase the metabolism of stored energy, increasing lymphatic drainage, and reducing the size of fat cells and fat chambers. Vacuum and specially designed rollers allow for safe and efficient heat energy to be delivered while the mechanical massage smooth out the skin.


How soon will I see results?

A series of treatments are recommended with a minimum of 6 sessions spaced between 1-2 weeks apart. However, patients can see a difference from the first treatment and results continue throughout the series of treatments until the desired results are met.





“After three treatments i saw great results and i am buying more! Ive bought quite a few groupons for the laser lipo type treatments and this is the ONLY one that gave results. The office is modern and clean and the machines are the newest models. ”

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Velashape Single Session

$250per session
  • One area

Velashape - One Area Package

$9508 sessions
  • for 1area

Velashape - Two Area Package

$180016 sessions
  • for 2 areas

Velashape - Three Area Package

$250024 sessions
  • for 3 areas

Velashape - Four Area Package

$320032 sessions
  • for 4 areas
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